Just Completed a $5 Million Renovation

Enjoy our tranquil setting near the Rocky Mountain Foothills with easy access to Colorado’s natural beauty and the Mile High City’s world famous attractions.

Remodeled from the bedrock to the rooftop the entire property is brand new and just minutes away from downtown Denver.

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Natural History Brought To Life

  • Dinosaur Skeletons
  • Prehistoric Murals
  • Stegosaurus Statue In Front of Hotel
  • Jurassic Dig Pit for Kids
  • Life Sized T-Rex Painting
  • Paleo Joe’s Bar and Grill
  • Heated Pool &Hot Tub
  • 100% Smoke Free
  • Complimentary Hot Breakfast


Come In and Check us Out, We love to Show Off our New Digs

Greg & Meredith Tally

Did you know?

dinoplackThe Best Western Denver Southwest is just a stone’s throw from the geological and paleontological goldmine where the Great Plains meets the Rocky Mountains.

To celebrate the natural beauty of the area as well as the romance  and adventure of the classic 19th century fossil expedition, we’ve renovated from the rooftop to the bedrock and relaunched as a dinosaur-themed hotel that will bring out the explorer in all of us.

Our ultimate goal is to create an immersive experience that echoes an old explorers’ club.

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Our Reviews on Trip Advisor Speak for Themselves!

“Great price, great hotel.”

My favorite Best Western so far. Hotel is decorated with dinosaur fossils, which is a fun background. Rooms are modern and big. Breakfast is great – Eggs made to order and yogurt among with all the usuals. Restaurant on-site that we didn’t get to try.

“Classic Business hotel with a Colorado twist”

The lobby has beautiful stone tiles and antique wooden and glass cases– it looks like a classic study from an old movie. There are books, casts, fossils, and decorations about dinosaurs in the lobby– so it’s very cool. It is slightly stunning to see such a beautiful lobby– looks like it belongs in a museum.

Adrienne G, Denver, Colorado
“Great value; Great Stay Near DEN”

Breakfast service was terrific. Love the omelettes and the heated outdoor pool. The bartender on Wed night was excellent. Very knowledgeable about the local brews; played great music and very friendly. Beds and TV are top notch. Thankfully no more bedspreads. A great place for us when we are in the DEN area.

Steven M, Gillette

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Grab a duckbill, lose yer arm.

(rawr!)- (‿◕)_.·´¯)_.·´¯)\ムム/

*Original sketch by Dr. Robert T Bakker.

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Nathan James...i'm afraid to ask what that T.Rex was about to do to that duck-bill1 hour ago
Tony CampagnaLooks like he winged him!4 minutes ago

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Across the state from us, but more evidence that Colorado is a great place for dinosaurs!

(rawr!)- (‿◕)_.·´¯)_.·´¯)\ムム/

*From My room was clean, but then i needed something....

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Niki LiddleWow, I've lived in small town Colorado for 15 years and did not know this!21 hours ago   ·  2
Kaze TrinidadBut the dinosaur side of dinosaur national is in vernal Utah lol. I loved both towns!23 hours ago   ·  6
Chance FreemanWhen I was a kid my mom picked up a shirt from the souvenir shop w/the bronto in front that said "where the he'll is Dinosaur colorado!" I've wish we still had it! :D21 hours ago   ·  1
Kathleen CruseI would like to live in Dinosaur, CO!20 hours ago   ·  1
Patrick JessupDrove through there a decade ago. I want to do that road trip again with the kids!19 hours ago   ·  1
Arp Ennisstegosaurus is my favorite dino-cute and peaceful but man those spikes.6 hours ago
Laura BaxI need to live here! :)24 hours ago   ·  2
Betty Reid MartinI want to live there! :-D19 hours ago   ·  1
Cory VollmerI want to go to there24 hours ago   ·  1
Tori AnneIt causes quite a fuss for visitors when they find out brontosaurus blvd doesn't actually exist23 hours ago
Stormi SilengoI've always wanted to go there!15 hours ago
Kandice Eaves JohnstonShari Clarey wtf!? 4 years and we never knew?! what a wasted opportunity!23 hours ago
Dan PetroOriginally called Artesia, name changed by city council in 196521 hours ago
Kate MussoIt must be hard to get a pizza delivered. 'No, I said Brontosaurus BOULEVARD!'21 hours ago
Nissa FordStacy you need to go here!!!23 hours ago   ·  1
Jennifer O'ConnorTrace O'Connor, this town has plynosaurdotcom written all over it. :)24 hours ago   ·  1
Will BraithwaiteMore dinosaur stuff, Jen Bright.22 hours ago   ·  1
Jennifer McGinnisAdam Kerr -- we need to go here.21 hours ago   ·  1
Nathaniel Thomas Kiip GoraczkowskiKaty Belzer, for your way home goal.10 hours ago   ·  1
Wallace RobertsonI didn't know the brontosaurus had access to advanced health care to deal with heart issues. :-)23 hours ago
Thomas Andrew RossMorgan St John thought you would like this22 hours ago   ·  1
Chelsea BrionesMike let's go!10 hours ago   ·  1
Britney EhresmanJustin Barton we need to move here!13 hours ago   ·  1
Chris HickeMinna Stenberg i found where you need to live.24 hours ago

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So many dinosaurs to see at The Dino Hotel!

We’ve collected fossils, dinosaur casts, specimens and original art to bring prehistory to life. Join us on an epic journey through the Age of Dinosaurs and beyond.

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